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Q: What is ArchitectureDiagrams.com?

ArchitectureDiagrams.com is a web service that provides access to professional-quality IT architecture diagrams and a fully managed application streaming service for popular desktop diagramming applications such as Microsoft Visio and Archi. Users/Architects do not need to install any applications on their device, and are provided with a responsive, fluid performance from our cloud service that is almost indistinguishable from a natively installed application. Using any HTML5-compatible browser with our web site will give you full access to Microsoft Visio and Archi.

Q: What are the benefits of using ArchitectureDiagrams.com?

Streaming diagramming software from our cloud service provides several benefits:

Remove device constraints: You can leverage our cloud service (powered by AWS) to deliver diagramming applications that wouldn’t normally be possible due to the GPU, CPU, memory, or physical storage constraints of local devices. Our service dedicates 2 vCPUs and 4GB RAM to each user by default, with more available on request.

Multi-platform support: Desktop applications such as Microsoft Visio and Archi can be streamed to any device, with any operating system.

Always up to date: Because we host your diagramming applications, we manage upgrades on your behalf.

Improved security: Unlike traditional boxed software and digital downloads, where your application is available for theft or reverse engineering, ArchitectureDiagrams.com stores and executes applications securely in AWS data centers, and only provides an interactive pixel stream to users.

Q: What do I need to access diagramming applications streamed from ArchitectureDiagrams.com?

ArchitectureDiagrams.com uses the AWS AppStream 2.0 service for providing diagramming applications. Users need a modern web browser that can support HTML5, a broadband Internet connection with at least 1 Mbps capability, and outbound access to the Internet via HTTPS (443).

Q: Can my ArchitectureDiagrams.com diagramming applications run offline?

No. Diagramming applications streamed via ArchitectureDiagrams.com require a sustained internet connection.

Q: Can I request additional applications to run in my ArchitectureDiagrams.com streaming session?

Yes. Please contact us via our web site, and we will consider your request based on demand/numbers of users, licensing and compatibility.

Q: Can I save my application settings?

Yes. Any settings you change in applications will be saved and applied each time you start a streaming session. Your settings are encrypted in transit and at rest using AWS storage infrastructure.

Q: Where do I save my files in application streaming sessions?

You have access to a home folder during your application streaming session. Any file you save to your home folder will be available for use in the future. You can transfer files to and from from your device using the MyFiles feature in the streaming session toolbar.

Q: Can I access online services to transfer files such as Google Drive and OneDrive?

Yes. Chrome is provided as a web browser with internet access in your streaming session. You may connect to any web site/application and transfer data to/from your streaming session.

Q: How do I authenticate to the application streaming session?

You must be logged on to the ArchitectureDiagrams.com site, and use the links provided (for paid subscribers) to launch applications. When purchasing a subscription to ArchitectureDirgrams.com you will use your email address to create an account. Authentication is via single-sign on to the AWS AppStream service, and no additional credentials are required.

Q: Do I need any additional licenses to use ArchitectureDiagrams.com?

No. Required licenses, such as a Remote Desktop Services SAL and Microsoft Visio Standard SAL, are included in the monthly subscription.

Q: Why do I have to wait 1-2 minutes for my application streaming session to start?

Your dedicated compute capacity for your streaming session is being provisioned with your files and settings. Please contact us via our web site if you require "instant on" access and we will provide updated pricing.

Q: Why did we build this service for you?!

Hi, my name is Jon, and I've worked closely with leading IT architects to bring you this service. Gone are the days of wearing pressed business attire and banging your head on the desk as the corporate Windows laptop grinds to a halt. IT Architects now look cool (except when wearing their bad shirts!) and use their own device, including MacBooks and ChromeBooks, but they still want to use Visio and/or avoid the setup process for Archi. Now they can stream Visio and Archi to any device of their choice...