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Services we offer

Micro Jobs

  1. Readiness Assessments (Free!)
    1. Remote Desktop
    2. Remote App
    3. Remote Browser
    4. AWS
    5. Azure
    6. Office365
  2. Licensing Optimisation (Free!)

Helping you make the right decisions!

Can't decide which one of the latest cloud services or shiny products best meets your needs? Let us help. Our requirements gathering & solution options paper with a recommendation will help you make the right decision.

Transform your IT with AWS, Azure & Office365 solutions

You have a starting position - possibly an on-premises IT infrastructure or the result of early cloud adoption activities, and you want to reach a target state, but how? Our IT architecture services include roadmaps and technical designs to get you from 'a' to 'b' and deliver your business value in a cost-optimised way. We cut through the vendor hype and jargon and give you an independent, tailored service that is uninfluenced by partner programmes and incentives.

Solution Delivery

We can manage end-to-end solution delivery, all the way from product selection to design, implementation and operational management.


All our solutions are packaged with training modules to optimise operations following solution delivery.

Training for Remote Meetings

Because of the current environment it seems that everywhere you look someone is holding a virtual meeting whether it be socially to catch up with friends and family, a virtual coffee morning  for a local charity or for business meetings and events. There are many companies providing platforms for virtual meetings from Zoom to Microsoft Team and many more besides, and there are just as many “How to”, training videos to get you up and running too!